How to post in pages?

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    Hello! So I’ve just recently started using WP but I haven’t actually USED it.
    I’m having troubles posting to the separate pages I’ve made on my blog. For instance, I wanted to post in my ‘Skin Care’ category, but it won’t work… it immediately post to the home page which I absolutely do NOT want. I made these categories so I’m able to make my blog organized. I did research and noticed something about ‘Static Page’, when I went to my setting to activate this in hopes I could use ALL my pages, I could only still post to one page… except this time I could choose which one it posts to.
    This obviously wasn’t any help because I need to be able to make posts in EACH of my categories, not just one… And make sure that these posts are in their designated categories, not just popping up on my homepage.
    Is there any way of going about this?????? PLEASEEEEEE HELPPPP!!!!!!!

    The blog I need help with is



    I suggest that you do the following

    • Add categories to the posts corresponding to the categories to appear in the menu. A category page is automatically created when a category is add to at least one post. A specific category page grows each time you publish a new post with that category assigned to it, or assign that category to an old post.
    • Then create and activate a custom menu, including links to category pages among the main menu items, and nesting links to the posts as sub-menu items beneath the category items, as described in the Changing the Order & Creating Sub-Menus section of the Custom Menus support page.

    Some relevant support pages:

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