How to post more than one topic per page?

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    I am new to word press and am confused about something.
    How does one post a different topic on the same page?
    All I seem able to do is to post a single topic then all I get is a box for comments, can someone tell me what to do?




    Pages do not function the way you’re asking. Only the main blog page has posts come up one after another, and those are Posts, not Pages. Please read this:

    If you want to keep all the posts on one topic together, use Categories or Tags and then when people click on the appropriate widget in your sidebar, they just get the posts that you’ve added those Tags and Categories to.


    Thanks for your help.
    Really useful.



    You’re welcome. Better to get this early on; we see people who end up with 200 Pages to convert into Posts, and they have to copy/paste each one.



    So that would be a huge task isnt it?? Copy pasting does not seems to take much time, cant we have a methods where these posts instead of being copy pasted can be categorize there itself??



    No we cannot have an automatic means of posting content from static Pages to posts. Static Pages sit outside the normal blog structure. You are beating a dead horse here and I don’t like to see you wasting your time on exercises in fuitility. The only alternative is to copy and paste the contents from the static Pages into posts, and categorize and tag the posts and publish them.

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