how to post picture along with text?

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    my blog is i wrote a blog and wanted to put a picture/image from my folder in computer, I could not do that. My Blog was about my delhi visit and there I want to keep one photo of Delhi. Please kindly help me.
    You may visit me at
    Thanking You



    Did you upload the picture?

    I’m afraid that “I could not do that.” doesn’t give us a whole lot to go on. Please explain more with specifics on what occured if the post I linked to above doesn’t help


    Hello Drmike, Thank you very much sir for your instantaneous reply and Thank u very much for helping me. It did work and Now, We can see picture there. To see me there, You may visit
    Thank You sir Once again.


    Hello Dear friends, I have one more Problem Now. Did u open my blog in Internet Explorer
    ?The photo is really big and it made the blog very ugly to look. Can u kindly suggest me how to reduce the size of photo and how to reframe it?



    Try this. This is just very basic, but it might help you.


    Id did not help me mr. raincoast



    Yup, it’s very big. Try reading the FAQ on uploading pictures, especially the part about thumbnails.

    Meanwhile change the picture html to the following:

    <a href=""><img src=""></a>

    Hope this helps,

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