How to post posts to different pages?

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    Hello! I am new here, very new. And I’m very very bad at computers. Also, i’m not English so i’m not familiar with difficult computer terms in English, ( or in any other language :)) Yet I want to make my website more appealing by doing this: I have a lot of different pages: ‘Books’, DIY’s, Life Advice&Stories, these are examples. And I everytime I want to post something about for instance books, i want to make it show on the page books. Not on every other page or just the home page, I want that people can click on a page that they are interested in and read all the posts about that. I’ve looked for hours and hours, asked several times. Nobody seems to be able to help or willing to help me. And other pages I found about this were like chinese to me, I simply didn’t understand. I’m desperate, please help me..! Thanks in advance!

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    I don’t recommend you to use pages for your purpose.

    Firstly, do you know the difference of a post and a page?

    They are a good way to publish information that doesn’t change much, like an About page.

    So, pages are to show information that doesn’t change much. You say that you want to show posts related to a topic on that topic’s page, then you can use Categories.

    You should create categories with names like your pages, and then make the category archives appear on your homepage.

    A category archive shows all the posts in that category but isn’t shown on the homepage as default.

    When you create all the categories you want, go to Dashboard>Appereance>Menus. In the Menus page, you will see the Categories box on the left side. Choose the categories you want to make “pages” and click Add to Menu.

    Hope this solves your problem.


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    also answered here:

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