how to post thumbnails to a page and link to PDFs?

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    I’m using free wp and my tech skills are 4/10. i’m trying to a post a few pictures to a page – (not to a post, to a page) – if i can do it, they’ll be thumbnails linked to pdfs. i’ve uploaded the thumbnails and the pdfs okay. but i can’t figure out the settings to use to link the TNs to the PDFs in the live page. i’ve done this ok on another wp blog so now i really feel dumb…i do know a bug is messing me up – the edit button on my pages takes me to a ‘post’ version of the ‘page’ – ie it’s no longer even a ‘page’. so i have to get back to the page edit by going to dashboard/manage pages, and selecting edit on the page i’m working on. help, please –



    Um, edit the link to point at the *.pdf’s instead of the pics?

    I have a feeling that your using the evil rich editor. You may want to try switching over to the normal text editor as it’ll give you better control over the html within your post.


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