How to post using different gravatar for different blogs

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    I have three blogs on WordPress. I’ve set up my primary one as ‘Justoutsidetheboxcartoon’. I have another one, ‘itsasassykindoflife’. When I post from the second blog, the posting on the WordPress ‘Topics’ webpage has my primary address, rather than the second one….Please help. I’m sure this is not difficult, and I’ll kick myself when someone comes up with the answer.

    The blog I need help with is



    I’m curious to know the same thing. And, more specifically, if someone comments on my secondary blog, and I go to visit their blog, which of my blogs is visible to them? Just not sure about how to manage more than one blog. I’ll do some more searching, and let you know if I find anything.



    Hi. In other words, you want to have different identities for different blogs?


    Thanks. After reading the link and also searching for gravatar and blavatar I realize that my options were limited to transferring the blog or setting up an editor. It would be good if blavators would post, not gravatars, but I guess the logic is a gravatar is the ‘face’ for all your blogs. Marti



    You don’t need to transfer the blogs. You just need new identities associated with different blogs, and you need to remember to sign in and out between them. Note that even the best people mess up with that, though.


    Thanks for the clarification. Marti



    I don’t know if this is an option that would suit you, but I have a number of blogs and handle it this way. (I couldn’t possibly handle signing in and out with identities)

    I picked one identity (boomerontario) that suits them all. I post under that identity.

    But I link to my gravatar (instead of to a primary blog) when I comment or like. And my gravatar profile shows all my blogs. So when someone clicks on my identity on any of my blogs, they end up at a page with choices, instead of being limited to one blog or another.

    Here’s my gravatar link

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