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How to post videos and pictures on your blog

  1. Hi

    How do you post pictures or videos on your blog? This question may seem like a phony, but I am new, okay?

    Thank you,


  2. I have a problem:

    I scrolled down on the write post page, but I didn't see the Upload bar! How can I make it appear?

  3. Clear your browser
    windows - ctrl F5
    macs - apple r
    linux - F5

  4. I have internet explorer 7

  5. all it does when i press ctrl f5 is refresh

  6. nope i tried it and it didnt come back

  7. The instructions for uploading images and posting youtube videos are in my first post.

    Internet Explorer is a windows browser. To clear your browser click ctrl and F5 simultaneously. If you still experience a problem and have another browser you can use like firefox then please try using it.

    Also from here on I am expecting you to use the FAQs and forum searchbox. You will find they are full of instructions. And this thread has links to the basic resources you will need to answer your own questions

  8. well I loaded up firefox retried it and nope, it didn't work!

    How can I check what version of Firefox I have? And where can I go to update to version

  9. You go to the internet and type in "firefox download".

  10. OK I downloaded it from the Firefox website but after I downloaded it it said Download failed. Could not find root file. What thing do I use for it's "root?"

  11. What is it's "root file?"

  12. Sounds like a bad download. Try it again.

  13. Whoops! This time it downloaded good. But the upload bar is STILL not there. I KNOW I have version What this time?

  14. I would go back and do all the steps in this thread again because I would imagine the fix is in there somewhere.


  15. Okay Okay, whole new topic.


  17. Hi timethief,

    Considering it was a new feature, the faq about the wordpress-video leaves a lot to be desired. As does the quality of that video. Every upload I've done (after I finally got the upload to work) has resulted in a wordpress-video with the audio consistently breaking up during playback in a very annoying way. Streaming of the wordpress-videos appears to be in association with Seems quite problematic. I know that nothing can really be done here in the forums; I've sent a notice in via both feedback and support. Will have to wait until Monday, I guess.

    Now I know how, but I don't know which screen recorder is best for youtube!

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