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How to Post W/Out It Going To RSS or Followers?

  1. I would like to post a set of posts as a resource on my blog, but do not want them to be published to my subscribers as new posts in either RSS feeds or by email to email subscribers. I tried backdating the first one, but it still went through to my email subscribers as a new post (although it didn't show up as a new post in my Google Reader.) Part of the complication is that some of my subscribers are through Google and others are through WordPress. I don't want to use Pages because in the theme I am using (Vigilance by Theme Foundry), Pages show up as menu options along the top bar...seems like there should be a way to publish a post and not have it propogate out through WordPress follow or RSS? Did I miss it? Thanks-

  2. Have you tried temporarily making the blog visibility "private" and then publishing the posts and making the visibility "public" again?

  3. ~~timethief

    On virtually every theme, by default, pages are added to the top bar... unless you use a custom menu.
    That would be the best workaround in my opinion.

    Timethief's solution would work only for email-only subscribers. To my knowledge, those subscribers who used a username to subscribe or who follow you via RSS will still be notified of the post.

  4. @airodyssey
    Thanks for correcting me on that. I appreciate it.

  5. @timethief: You're welcome. Hope you're well :-)

  6. Thanks to you both. Another idea I thought of was to simply change some old posts that I don't care about anymore to have this content, since updates don't go out on my feeds/emails. But I've got 8 pages of content I wanted to add, and not sure I have enough posts that fit that bill...may have to do the custom menu thing. Thanks again-

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