How to preserve author's preferred quotes and apostrophes

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    Hello everyone

    Is there a hack or a trick that I can use to ensure that the correct quotes and apostrophes show up on the public side of my blog? For example, using some code in the edit box?

    When I edit a page, either in Visual or in Text mode, the quotes and apostrophes show up as straight double-quotes and straight single-quotes, but when the page is published, the double-quotes are changed to curly quotes, and the apostrophes are changed to curly single-quotes. What’s worse, WordPress gets it wrong sometimes, i.e. two 6-shaped double-quotes instead of a 6-shaped one followed by a 9-shaped one, or using a 6-shaped single-quote in the place of an apostrophe, which should normally be 9-shaped.

    My blog is for translators and editors, and I look like an IDIOT who can’t write properly. Also, I receive content from guests who use their own quoting style and I want to be able to put their content on my blog without having such changes made to their writing. These people all use whatever quotes they use… for a *reason*.

    So, how can I publish content while making sure that the intended quote or apostrophe appears on the site?

    Please don’t tell me that the only way to do it would be to take a screenshot of the content in MS Word and post it as an image…


    The blog I need help with is



    Are your contributors using a web-compatible program like Windows Live Writer to create their posts? If not, that’s your problem. MSWord is not web-compatible.

    The reason web editors are called web editors is that they deal with things like this. Some errors are introduced by humans, yes, but some are introduced by software, particularly when non-web software meets web software.

    The simplest way to deal with it IF your contributors don’t write their own posts in the Write Post box on your blog is to copy the whole post, paste it in to the TEXT EDITOR not the Visual editor, and then add whatever links, images, and formatting are required.



    My contributors don’t create their own posts. They send me their content (MS Word, ODT, in an e-mail, etc), and I then create the posts myself, manually.

    I would like to create the posts in such a way that it appears on the blog as they intended it to appear. If this means changing some characters to entities, or using special tags when I create post, then I’ll be happy to do that, as long as it looks right in the end.

    I have been able to temporarily fix it using entities like apos and quot, but I must change the quotes to those entities as the very last step of the edit process, because the editor “helpfully” changes them back to quotes if you don’t watch out.

    You mention “a web-compatible program like Windows Live Writer”. Do you mean that if I create my posts using Live Writer, that I can overcome this problem?



    No, I mean if they are originally created in Windows Live Writer by the authors it will prevent the problem from occurring. If they are created on a variety of platforms, not all of which are web compatible, then the only way to deal with it consistently is what I said above about pasting it into the TEXT editor, not the Visual editor. It will save everyone time if you have the contributors simply attach their images as files and put {image1} where they want the image to go in the text. Same with links.

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