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how to prevent a file from direct url access

  1. How can i prevent anyone from direct url access to images on my site?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. What's best for your hosted blog is watermarking your images or not placing any images and/or text you don't want stolen on the internet at all. See also

    If you use the Duotone theme right click is disabled via CSS but that's not available on any other themes. This is because anyone can find instructions on the internet and get around it in less than 20 seconds flat.

    For clarity you can read what Staff said here about Duotone but in the end the effect still means the answer is the same one I posted above.

    You may also want to read Perspectives on Watermarks (and Various Methods to Protect Your Images). A roundup of opinions and processes on adding watermarks to images online, from nine WordPress photographers.

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