How to prevent comments on "attachment page"?

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    Suddenly comments are appearing on what is called an attachment page. I don’t want this to happen because you can’t see those comments on the main blog post. How do I stop this?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,

    Unfortunately, there is currently no way to do this. However, I really like your idea of turning those off, so I am forwarding your suggestion to the internal team for consideration in upcoming iterations.

    I’m sorry that I couldn’t be more helpful.


    It would help if you explained what an attachment page is, who creates it, how do readers get to it, etc. This must be new because I never saw it before. I thought that on WP, the blogger had control of Pages and whether comments were allowed or not.



    Hi there,

    We are looking at making this very change in the next update – because you’re right: the blogger should have that control.

    I’ve made a note of getting more robust documentation on attachment pages themselves, because it is sparse.

    Really excellent suggestions; thank you!


    I appreciate your help. I found a 2009 reference to attachment pages but I never saw one on my stats or comments until about a week ago. It is great that you are going to explain all about them on the site, but in the meantime could you explain the basics here: where do they come from and how do readers get to them, what is their purpose? Thanks.




    They are part of the media library, essentially. You can view an individual attachment page in one of two ways: you can either go to your media library and open an image and click “view attachment page” or you can go to a post that has images where the attachment page has been selected on insertion (this is the default in the new media module, which is where the confusion is coming from, I think), and click on that image.

    Their purpose is to showcase individual images within the blog theme. You can choose to not have the image go to an attachment page (and people who like to show very large images usually choose this option), or to go to an attachment page when clicked on, if you want the reader experience to be very cohesive and “branded” as your blog.

    Does that help? Just let me know if you want additional clarification or I left out something you’d like to know.



    I just wanted to follow up to see if this information is helpful for you? Is there anything else you’d like to know regarding the attachment pages?


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