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How to prevent illegal name search engines from indexing my blog?

  1. Hi

    In Settings -> Reading, the Site Visibility Options are quite limited, I can allow all search engines to index my blog or none. I registered it on Google but I don't want some famous name search engines to index it because most of them use illegal methods to get a better page rank. They claim to be search engines but they copy the data and they keep obsolete ones in their caches too, they don't use their own web crawlers, they reuse the search engines result pages of other engines (they behave like meta-engines). I have an hard time when I ask them to stop using my personal data. They claim to use only publicly available information but lots of people complained about their private data from LinkedIn to be used too. I have never registered on such "name search engines", they use my copyrighted contents without my prior consent and they use my contents under CC NC (non commercial) in their pages with ads. I succeeded in forcing some of them to stop indexing some of my pages (123People, Yatedo, Webidoo) but still annoys me a lot. It even uses blind texts and it refuses removing defamatory and injurious contents from its index.

    These name search engines don't provide any valuable service and they are a huge source of problems for lots of webmasters. Please can you find a solution to allow us to disallow or at least discourage these fake engines from indexing blogs hosted on Please can you highly "encourage" Yasni Gmbh to provide a mean of identifying its web crawlers or a simple setting to prevent it from scanning blogs on

    I have written more than 200 bilingual (in French and in English) articles with tons of pictures, videos, drawings, ... Yasni doesn't respect my author's right (I don't like the word "copyright"). I have spent more than 3 years in improving my blog and I'm very satisfied with but how can I go on publishing here if some private corporations can still my creations to make money? I already contacted Yasni 4 times since 2010, its support always uses wrong arguments to defend its service, it violates some terms of Bern convention, it claims that as soon as a content is public, the author wastes all rights on it which is plain wrong. I'm going to contact the CNIL (National Commission for computer science and freedoms, France) and Google Inc., your help is more than welcome. I'm almost out of options.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi,

    If you could send me a list of the search engines you mentioned, if any besides those you mentioned), I'll ask the team to investigate it.

    One downside is that restricting/discouraging search engines (via what's know as a robots.txt file) won't actually stop them if they choose to ignore it. If isn't respecting your requests, they likely will not respect ours either.

    Within the United States, there is the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) which sets up the procedure and liability for failure to remove copyrighted information. Many Western countries have a similar laws, which the CNIL or another European/French organization could provide more information concerning.

  3. Hi

    I'm mainly annoyed by:

    There is a nice example of blocking some of their crawlers here.

    Some people reported that Yasni seems to respect the restriction of allowed search engines but it takes age to update its index.

    I'm not sure Yasni's webhost is going to be cooperative but I can contact him. The CNIL rarely replies but it's an option too.

    Thank you for your help.

  4. Thanks for the list. I'll ask our team to consider this.


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