How to prevent readers from copy n pasting my posts?

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    blogger has the feature that readers cant highlight the words and copy it. Can wordpress do it as well?

    The blog I need help with is


    That is not an option at wordpress.COM.



    I’d like to point out that setting up a feature like that isn’t really doing you or your readers any favors. Trying to control what your readers do with the content you’re delivering will only lead to angry readers and declined readership. Not being committed to controlling your readers and giving them what they want will lead to mutual respect between you the content creator and them the content consumer and will generate more success in the long run.

    I hope you’ll reconsider the usage of such a feature, regardless of whatever platform you choose to blog from.


    The thing is though, if you write original stuff under full copyright protection, no one should be copying and pasting your stuff, period. I’ve gotten 25 sites shut down in 2 years because they copied and pasted my stuff without permission. A valid DMCA violation notice filed with the scumbag’s web host is all it takes.

    If you use one of the more liberal creative commons licenses, then as long as they comply, then they can copy and paste. If they don’t comply, you can file a DMCA violation notice and have them shut down.

    Far too many people think that anything posted on the web is theirs for the taking, and it just ain’t so.



    It could be possible to prevent the non web-savvy from copying your text with some (inline) CSS… but for those who are web-savvy it would be just an obstacle easy to overcome (and tedious for you to do).


    how do we know they copy and pasted our posts? We can’t check all websites and blogs.



    You can use a tool like copyscape which looks for anything on the web and finds sites that have the same content (text) that you have.



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