how to prevent readers from seeing content while it's under construction

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    Hi, I want to change my theme and redesign my blog and don’t plan on adding content for a week or two. Anyone know how I can block readers from seeing my website while it’s under construction? I don’t think remapping my site temporarily is what I want to do, so is there a way I can add a screen that blocks my blog with a message? HELP!

    The blog I need help with is


    You can always make your blog private. Then, only you and the people you choose will be able to visit the site.

    To do this, go to http://YOUR BLOG

    I won’t recommend making your blog private all of a sudden. If I were you, I would just add test on my sidebar saying, “Under Construction.”

    But if you insist, thats the way to make your blog private.

    Advice: Warn your viewers that your site will be temp. unavailable beforehand. That way, they won’t freak.



    If you have any traffic on an existing blog I would put a page or post with an “Under construction – please be patient” – if you make it a Post then your subscribers will read it – setting a blog private would be my last action unless the blog is brand new – I think visitors are tolerant of changes – they are there for the content – keep the faith



    I’m like auxclass. I’d place a single “under construction – Please be patient” sticky post on the front page.

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