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How to preview your blog posts.

  1. I'm wondering how do i make my blogs preview?
    My blogs go onto the HOME page, and i sometimes do long blogs which fills up the whole home page, how do i make it so it only shows the title, a bit of writing and a picture on the homepage so you have to click the title to read it all? (I'm sorry i'm having a hard time wording this)

    I've checked the settings and see on the reading settings where it says "Show full article or summary" but when i change the options they don't do anything.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Check out this Support Document:

    Specifically the part about using the read more tag:

  3. Also, because you are only 7 hours new here on, perhaps you are not committed to the theme Beuno?

    You might like to check out which themes feature a custom excerpt where you can specify more than just a few first lines of your post:
    And this one as well:

  4. Thank you very much.

  5. Oh, by the way, the "show full article or summary" you refer to is for what your rss feed shows.

  6. You are very welcome.

  7. Also, is there a way to incorporate adverts on my blog if i was to start paying for my own domain?

  8. Not realistically. At least not with wp.COM.

  9. hmm, i'm no good at html coding so i don't think is for me, however maybe if i get a lot of views i'll apply for Adsense etc splitting the revenue with wordpress.

    Thank you for your help.

  10. There are 2 flavors of WordPress: .com and .org
    see here:

    If you choose to self-host your blog, as explained in that link, then you can have advertising as much as you like, but you are responsible for any and every thing that could go wrong with your site. You would pay someone to host your blog. Rates vary.

    One thing to understand here is that there is an upgrade so your blog won't have the ending
    That does not allow you to post adverts: all rules for blogs still apply.
    If you are interested see this:

    If your blog had lots of views, you might qualify for the VIP hosting here, but because your blog is so new, I'd doubt you are ready to consider that now.

  11. Well, from what I hear, you don't really make much $$$ from adverts on your blog unless you have a really huge number of hits.

    If you need adverts, then try Blogger…

  12. Thanks, is there any other benefits from being on a payed wordpress.COM domain apart from not having the .wordpress. in your url?

  13. I suppose you would look more professional, without the at the end.
    People might be able to find you more easily: telling them "My blog is" is easier than saying "My blog is"

    There might be some implications with email associated with it too, though I have no experience with that. You know: YOUR_NAME@YOUR_NAME.COM vs YOUR_NAME@GMAIL_OR_HOTMAIL_OR_YAHOO etc.

    Another volunteer could clarify.

  14. Thanks very much, do you have any link or anything to a tutorial of how to make an email on my new domain?

  15. thank you again, however i have one more question and i promise this is the last! Is there an easy way to get featured on search engines? Like is there a place to put tags which would link to my site?

  16. You could look here in the Support Documents:
    (Get more site traffic)
    Or do a more specific search.

    Tags and cats have worked well for me in the past, but there have been some recent changes with how they connect from posts to Global tags that I (opinion of my own here) don't like. I think they still help, though.

    Here is a general Support Documents search about tags:
    You can be more specific.

    As a volunteer, I would not be here if I didn't like to answer questions, so ask away! But you might find faster answers via search of Support. But in any event, just ask away…


  17. Is there an easy way to get featured on search engines?

    Search engines index content the popularity of that content is what determines where it will be displayed in search engine results.

    Like is there a place to put tags which would link to my site?

    Yes we can assign a reasonable combined number of relevant Categories and Tags to our posts on WordPress blogs. Search engines treat Categories and Tags in exactly the same way.

  18. Sorry that last link ought to have been this one >

  19. ~~Tess
    Good afternoon :)

  20. thank you all very much, i've also registered a google account to make my new email and i've found an option on the google webmaster where you can ask google to find your website and list it. Thanks so much for your help guys.

  21. There is a unique process for verifying your blog ownership with Google and the other major search engines. See here. No other process can be used.

  22. thank you, i've done that.

  23. Good. Hopefully you also comprehend that duplicate content blogs are not going to place well in the SERPS (search engine page results). That means you must focus on publishing unique original content that cannot be found elsewhere on the internet, if you want to be successful when it comes to your posts becoming popular and placing well in the SERPs. This is a link to the learn tutorial.

  24. Thank you very much, I'm just starting out so at the moment i'm just learning however I'm sure i'll check your blog out for some help along the way.

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