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How to Print your Blog including your Header Picture

  1. I find a good and simple way to print my blog including my nice header picture, that you can't do it by using print to PDF.
    Using my Ipodtouch or Iphone, use the APP Download Manager free, copy your blog link and past it to Download Manager, open an save it or use an other app call PDF-It to save as a PDF, You can also use DocsToGo app.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You can also use Print Friendly to print exactly what you want:

  3. I try everything even

    and you can't print your Header picture on top of your blog.
    It only print starting to the title.
    Using My PC doing my blog and then save as PDF with my Ipodtouch using Download Manager work. I guess using download manager in PC should work too.

  4. @ernau
    You already posted that into a comment in another thread. I cannot comprehend why you started a thread on this at all. Did you see my reply to you there?

    printfriendly and others we can use are in this post >

  5. @timethief
    Yes I did, instead doing three different post,
    I decide to open one and then people will find it
    by search. Hop this is ok. I just need to share
    something that I did not find in

  6. I provided the links to the forums for you. They are not connected to this forum. They are located elsewhere. For the iphone wordpress app
    If it is the app written by wordpress
    ipad >

  7. Good grief -- talking in circles!!

  8. There are several choices. Have you read this post by Staff in the official blog?

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