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How to proliferate a new blog...(?)

  1. I'm enjoying writing and focusing my ideas in blog form, but would love to get idea's criticism and advice on how to proliferate my blog and make the absolute most of it.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi edmundsax67!

    Nice to see that you started blogging. Keep up the good work.

    Havn't read your content yet, but i feel i have something to suggest on the appearances.

    First, make the font size, spacing, alignment of all posts as same. It feels better. I see that you have somewhat varied it in your posts.

    Second, to make the text more legible, increase the font size so that it is comfortable to read. The idea is, to make the text look inviting to the reader instead of looking like - ' oh, i'll have to make an effort at reading it '. For the same purpose, some people have black text on white background because that increases readability.

    Will read your posts as well. Will let you know about the same. Have a look at my blog as well. :)

  3. I see one big thing:

    I don't see any tags but you should be using them. Tags are the best way to get your blog noticed by WordPress readers and search engines. There are a few forum threads devoted to tags and the WordPress tutorials also include information on how to do this effectively.

    It is also possible to go back and update your past posts to add tags to them.

  4. Thanks, very good points. I'm able to make the font bold/italicized etc. but don't a font size option on my new posts page. I'm sure it's gotta be there, or is it some where other than right above where the add links/pics etc. area is? Thanks again.

  5. To increase font size, you need to press the button: show kitchen sink, which is the last icon on the first row.

    You can then choose font size through heading 1-6 in the format section.

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