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    How do I promote a blog and get reader to actually comment? I have a small blog that I started. It is written mostly of personal stuff, but i think the things I write some people can relate to it. So how do I go about promoting it and actually get hits for the website.



    Do a search of the forum. There’s a squillion threads there.




    First, I think you should provide ways for other people to share your blog posts, use some social bookmarking tools,
    then go to other blogs and comment and post your website for other references, don’t spam
    then goto to tech07’s blog to find out other ways


    Can you elaborate on “don’t spam?”
    I also thought it would be good to go to other blogs (some of them were tagged “related subjects” on mine) and to post a comment then mention mine.
    Somehow, I felt that was almost an intrusion…..
    What do you think?



    @southernofficechairs As for not spamming, personally when someone leaves me a comment that reads: “Hi nice blog. Let me tell you about my site….” and then goes on an unrelated rave about their site, which is usually on a topic completely unrelated to the post they are commenting on, I consider that advertising in my space and I tend to delete those comments.

    As to your post in this forum I would not consider that spam as you are addressing the subject at hand and the inclusion of your link comes after your comment regarding that subject. If someone had a site or post that had information or opinion that related to the post being commented on, just placing their link with a sentence or two as to its relation to the post, I would consider it OK and even welcome as well.

    Most people don’t have a formal comment policy but it does bear thinking about.


    Thanks for your reply. I originally started my blog to “promote” our website but I have to tell you…..I’m becoming addicted to writing and to reading other blogs. There are so many great viewpoints and a lot of great advice for one to read. I could spend all day just reading. But, alas….there’s work to do. :-)
    Obviously, I’d like to see participation on my blog like I see on others and feel that posting comments is a way to get others there. You just have to do it the right way. I definitely want to do what is acceptable and not cross the line to where I’d be considered a spammer. Your advice is noted and well-taken.
    Take care.


    I’ve only just started myself but
    I”ve found i just go on random
    blogs on wordpress and comment if
    i feel its relevant

    also changed the website on
    my facebook so people knew




    I’m #1 on Google for the #1 story in my country and I have to say, PLEASE do a forum search. All of my tips are here already.


    You should write more content.


    Asking how to promote your blog is a great question, but this is not the place to actually promote your blog.

    There’s no need to add your blog URL to your signature – you make it so it is linked to when someone clicks on your username by changing the setting in My Account > Edit Profile at the upper left.



    If your referring to my links I posted those links because the OP
    asked how to promote there blog and those articles explain how to
    promote they were not meant to be signature links

    And if your Not referring to my Links then Please Disregard my post




    very interesting!

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