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how to protect pics against copy

  1. Hey
    i want to upload images on my blog but i am very concerned that any person could copy personal pics. how do you guys deal with this? i moved to sweden so my blog is suppose to be diary for my family and friends, i dont intend use the space to discuss major problems in the world, eventually i wiil do that. But i am concerned about the exposure. its nice to get in touch with people around the world but it can be dangerous also!

  2. I recommend that you place the image in a program like Microsoft Paint or Photoshop and place a copyright mark on it (watermark) to discourage downloading. However, this will not guarantee that people will not download the image. There are no guarantees. Even if you copyright mark the images and then become aware that someone is using them your only recourse is through the courts.

  3. Unfortunately it's a fact of life that if you have great photos then someone is going to rip them off. There's no way to protect the images, if they're online then people can have them. If nothing else then people can do a screen dump and just paste it into an image editor.

    Be aware that even on the 'net international copyright laws still apply and you can prosecute, although, at the end of the day, it's hardly ever worth it.

    There are a couple of things you can do:

    1. Only put up images that are not too personal.
    2. More extreme, make your blog private so that only people you know can log in and read and see the photos.

    I am sure that others will have other ways, good luck and just enjoy it.


  4. There's really no method to protect from copying. There are javascript trickst that you can try but some browsers will override those settings.

    Only thing you can do is not place them on the net to begin with to be honest.

  5. I don't understand this. I've visited a few websites and weblogs where images were copy-blocked. Notably on the blog of a photographer of popcelebrities. Mind you, not a warning that you have to contact the owner to obtain copy-permission, but a definite blocking. After the mouseclick a tab appears with the text: Prohibited, or something like 'Uh-oh!'.
    I guess it don't work when you pilfer the illustration through the channell of your printer...

  6. Hi all,

    Thanks for keeping this thread.

    Please advise me if using a page-specific password protection would prevent copying or downloading of images from the page.

    Thanks all,

  7. Copying still works in those circumstances, though.

    Instead of trying to retain the images themselves, you could think about retaining credit, ie using those images to promote your site. Watermark them with the URL of your blog and that way anyone who posts them elsewhere will be showing who took that photo and where they got it, whether they like it or not. Some people will crop it, that's true, but most are far too lazy.

  8. Password protecting a page will restrict viewership to only those with the password. It won't prevent one of those people from stealing the pic, though. You have to know who you're dealing with.

  9. raincoaster, thank you,

    Your advice is well taken.

    Please forgive my ignorance, does 'Watermark them with the URL of your blog' mean pasting my blog URL onto the images with a photo editing software?

    I do try to limit viewership to team members only and it would be ok for them to copy images from my password-protected pages. However, in your sentence, 'Copying still works in those circumstances, though.', I get the impression that people outside the limited viewership could still access my password-protected pages and copy images. Did I understand you correctly?

    Thanks so much for your help,

  10. Yes, that's what it means. You can see an example of one I did for an artist friend of mine here:

    People who do not have the password cannot access those pages at all. What I meant was, even if there's a little popup that says "hey, don't copy this" you can still copy it. Those are warnings, not effective protections. If you see extra hits on your password-protected posts, those are only people coming to the password box and clicking away; it does not mean they can get in.

  11. Thank you, raincoaster,

    I feel a little more smarter and secured now.


  12. Good. And if your pictures do leak out, you will have a pretty good idea who's responsible. Glad to help.

  13. There are expensive 'watermarking' software packages out there that make the photo pretty much 'useless' when downloaded, but it might be over the top for your needs. A quick search in google will bring them up.


  14. I've visited a few websites and weblogs where images were copy-blocked.

    Usually you can get around that. Heck, Firefox has a plugin that will do that automattically.

  15. vanbleautenbil

    It was before I started using Firefox. Def sure: no account, no inlog, it was a public page. The website reacted to my mouseclicking with a tab telling me img copying was a no-no. It happened to me only two or three times but I remember so well because the images were just what I was looking for and it p*ssed me off, heh heh.
    Yes, in computer wonderland almost anything can be gotten around, but there MUST exist a banning tool, a shield, some black i-magic prog. And it's to prefer over those horrid watermarks, which absolutely ruïn photographs or paintings, whether they are downloaded or not. It's like listening to a download of the latest U2 recording, and hear somebody screaming 'Watermark! Watermark!' in your ears all of the time.

    The reason I'm so persistent in this matter is that I'm a little p*ssed off again, har har. In a topic elsewhere I asked why it was so hard and even impossible to give extra Enters in template Dusk. The matter is resolved now, but last night I took a little survey into the Support archives and came upon the same question by someone else. And look at that- the frymaster post 'why can't I add extra line or paragraph breaks', March 5th, all of a sudden re-appears in the Recent Posting list again. I have great respect for Support forums, but I wonder why my post had to have such a lengthy run, with everyone 'puzzled', and obviously nobody remembered frymaster.
    Oh well, I could have done more extensive searching myself on beforehand, of course. Har har.

  16. Here's what I do. I open Microsoft Paint and insert a copyright mark and name on the bottom corner of an image and then upload it to the wordpress server. However, I know this will not guarantee that people will not download the image. There are no guarantees once anything is published on the internet. Even if you copyright mark the images and then become aware that someone is using them your only recourse is through the courts.

  17. vanbleautenbil, you can take a screenshot of the page by clicking Prt Scrn Sys Rq and then take it to Paint or whatever photoshop you have, if you have it. Then crop what you want and save it. Or some sites I go to, I get their RSS feed through Bloglines and can easily download the pictures there because that feature isn't on there.

  18. Heck, Firefox has a plugin that will do that automattically.

    Do you have a link to Firefox ????

  19. Ask Mark as he's brought it up a couple of times. At UNCC, it's Netscape and nothing else installs.

    There are some high end solutions that prevent picture copying but 1) it would probably be out of the reach of most bloggers (ie think special types of proxies and webservers) and 2) Nosy's method would get around that probably as well. (Haven't tried it actually.)

  20. vanbleautenbil

    I know about the webpage saving. If you want moviestills from IMDB (International Movie Data Base) it's the only way to copy & download them. But I have no desire to copyblock images myself. The owner I stole them from is free to steal them back... The point is, there IS a tool to block copying, and this High End may be it. As there are people like photographers or painters who would like to protect their work with more than just a copyright stamp, it's useful information.

  21. I found an add-on in Firefox but it didn't work. :(

  22. Stab in the dark
    I found this media resizer offered on a free download trial that also does watermarking

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