How to protect text on blog from copying?

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    How can we protect our text written on blog from copying by other users. Is there any way to do it? I found that now you can only highlight text and press copy and you can paste it anywhere on computer. But what if I would like to write something but don’t let anyone copy this. Do you know some way to do it? Or maybe there is something in program to protect this?

    The blog I need help with is



    Everything to stop copying that I have seen has a workaround without too much work – and we can’t use script or code on WordPress.COM blogs to do things like disable Right Click (which is easy to work around).

    Bottom line that I am aware of – if you don’t want someone to copy it don’t Post it on the internet, only put it on paper and lock the paper up (don’t forget most cell phones have a camera in them)



    As auxclass has said there is no way to stop those who are determined to steal blog content. The ignorance and misinformation about copyright and fair use has escalated as the numbers of content thieves and e-beggars has dramatically increased. Bloggers are expected to be able to sort facts from fiction, so if you are a newcomer becoming familiar with copyright law is part of the territory.

    This may be helpful. It describes three alternative for copyrighting and posting copyright notices. > How to copyright your digital works >
    Protecting your images online from theft >

    If you do experience content theft the see here for what to do about it. >

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