How to provide a link to a single post from my archives??

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    I just thought of doing something on my blog where I would feature a post from the past which has present relevance as the featured post of the day or something like that.And keep changing it as necessary. And I want it to appear on the side of my blog.Not as a column but more like a link.But I can’t figure out how to provide link to any post of my liking from the past.There’s top clicks, top posts and stuff but nothing i can use. Can i use a text widget? Typing the Url of a post didnt work.



    Yes, a text widget is exactly what this is for. You have to write text widgets in HTML. If you don’t know HTML you can write a draft post and click on the Code tab and copy the code from there. You can delete the post later.



    :) sounds fairly obvious after u pointed it out. that is what i was looking for. But unfortunately after i provided that link the text from the side seems to have overlapped into my posts.I don’t know why but now and then when i try doing something on the side bar this keeps happening.I use Andrea09 template. Perhaps that’s it. I don’t know.Anyway, thanks for the help regarding the widget.



    If this is the blog you are referring to then I cannot see any overlapping using Firefox or IE7 either. Which browser and version of it are you using please?

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