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How To Publicize My Blog

  1. Hello,

    I m really stuck getting visitors on my blog . Even after subscribing to the search engines , i m not getting satisfactory results . Please tell me how can i publicize my blog to get more traffic .

  2. indiahomeschool

  3. Try a simple forum search. We answer this question multiple times per day and there are literally thousands of tips here in the forum on getting more readers.

  4. Besides the link posted bu indiahomeschool, try these links:

    Like raincoaster said, you'll find plenty of information if you try searching "traffic" in the forums.

  5. Why should I visit your blog? Just another sports blog that is 3 weeks old, not much content, all soccer, just recaps, nothing original.

    Reality, it can take months or years for traffic to build, you need to give people a reason to visit other than they are your regular friends.

    I am amused by people that start a blog with 4 posts and is all of 2 weeks old and wonder where traffic is. Good blogs are a lot of work. There needs to be a reason for someone to visit your site.

    Some of my posts on my main site (not linked in have taken me 40 or more hours to craft, and yes, I have a bit of a niche blog and have accepted the fact that I will have a low traffic site until content is something over 100 Posts (sort of like writing a book) and the highest search string is a sentence 15 words long!

    Sorry about my bad attitude this morning, you want traffic, give me a REAL reason to visit.

  6. auxclass is correct, rude but correct.

    Also try providing a link on twitter. Submit to Reddit and Digg. There are a ton of ways to get a little bit of traffic to your site. You can research for hours on Google on this topic.

  7. sportslook, as has been pointed out, your blog is very new, so a little patience might be in order (for example in my first month I got just 43 hits - that's increased over 300-fold now, in a little over 2 years), but the major problem is that you're blogging in an area that is already massively oversubscribed - it will take time, and a lot of work (and an original take on the subject would help), to make your presence felt.

    Keep writing, and don't get too discouraged...

  8. Submitting your own stuff to Digg etc is not very effective. People soon realize you're self-promoting and ignore or downvote you. The key is to write stuff interesting enough that other people post it.

  9. @raincoster - Good point. Nothing wrong with Twitter though as long as it doesn't go overboard.

  10. True. Everybody expects you to post your own stuff to Twitter and your own Facebook.

  11. profoundsearch

    Hey sportslook,
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  12. The forum searchbox is full of threads on this topic and I just published another post on it as well.

    July 13 , 2010 in house blog promotion
    Forming blog centered relationships is a natural consequence of posting meaningful comments on posts in the blogs you locate. There are several ways to locate blogs in the same niche within the community revealed in this post.

  13. There's also a thread on the Off-Topic forum on this same topic too

  14. here are a few tips...
    Your wesbite:

    AESTHETICS: Make your blog pleasing to the eye. Some ways to do this include:
    -breaking up long posts with related images, makes the page less ‘daunting’ so people will be more tempted to read it

    - avoid loads of glittery ‘flashy’ content. It can look pretty in the minimum but loads of it slows down page loading time and is just tacky

    - make sure the CSS doesn’t clash as it can effect the readers ability to read to posts

    CONTENT: this refers to the actual stuff on the blog. As everyone differs some general advice would be to:

    -keep it neat and organised.

    -Check the links all work, no one likes a 404

    -Keep it interesting! people like interesting :)


    Interaction is key toget loyal readers!!

    COMMENTS: comment other blogs, but send genuine comments not ‘oh cool visit me kthnx byeee!!’. Usually people will return the comment just out of courtesy :)

    FORUMS: maybe join a forum your interested in like writing, dance or gardening. You can talk to others and promote your blog at the same time in your bio/signature, take a look at the ‘off topic’ section at the WP forums >>

    SOCIAL NETWORKS: social networks give you a chance to talk to like minded people and promote your blog. Try, it’s a nice community and there are some groups to join for traffic increasing. Other places to join include:

    twitter, technorati (haven’t quite got the hang of it yet though), colourlovers
    or perhaps facebook or myspace. Post a link to your blog in the 'bio' section of these sites.

    self promotion:

    This is all about advertising your blog your self.

    PLUGS: An idea would be to plug yourself on plugboards like and plugit! theres loads of plugsites, just browse through plugsite affiliates and you’ll find more. (tip: make a 'button' 88x31 and very eye catchy to grab attentionjh. although you shouldnt jusge a book by its cover, plugboards are all about 'impulse'clicks.)

    LINKS: maybe post a link to your blog in your forum/email signature. That can help get traffic.

    Hope this was somewhat useful

    used to own a few very popular sites

    if you need anymore advice message me :)

  15. harrythehandyman

    i found out it takes time , i was only getting 4/5 a day if that and then the search engines must have kicked in and i'm getting average 35/40 a day and i'm over the moon with that

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