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How to Publicize Updated Blog Posts?

  1. Every time I update a blog post, the options to publicize to Facebook, Twitter, etc. are greyed out and so the updated blog post is not publicized. How can I change that so they are publicized?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. thoughtsofakind

    There should be a check box next to the options. Unless you have not already set your twitter and facebook account to link with your wordpress site. But sometimes I do find it easier to just manually publicize the post.

  3. The checkboxes are checked, but they are greyed out for some reason. I guess that's why it's not sending the updates to Facebook, etc.

  4. Which browser and version of it are you using please? Try this > Are your running an outdated browser version? If so then please upgrade it.
    Then please try reconnecting.

  5. I can never understand that stuff either

  6. I'm using the latest version of both Firefox and Chrome, so that's not an issue.

    That page on Publicize must be outdated because I don't have any of those options in my Dashboard.

  7. They're probably greyed out because the cookies tell the system you've already clicked those buttons. Clear your browser cache and you should be able to click them.

    As a FB and Twitter user, I would find such repeated updates extremely annoying. Better to make a new post and link back to the old updated post and publicize THAT. How often do you expect your readers to read the same article? People always prefer new stuff, even if it's just "as we reported Thursday, X happened. Today, we learned Y..."

  8. Cache has been cleared on every browser I have installed on every computer I own; that has had no effect whatsoever.

    I have a blog post of Dalai Lama quotes that I'd like to publicize when I update. I really don't want to constantly make new blog pages every time I add a quote!

  9. @raincoaster
    We are in agreement. The greyed out icons can be addressed by doing what I said above and what you repeated ie. clearing the browser cache and cookies.

  10. Okay...then why is not working for me?? I've even tried it on one computer where I have never used my WordPress account before but the icons are still greyed out.

  11. @dkjensen
    Hitting the third link timethief provided should do no harm, eh?

  12. Did you log out of first? Log out, clear browser cache and cookies, and restart. That will clear pretty much everything out.

    If you were logged in, the system knows what you've clicked.

  13. Wow - you people are beyond rude. Not to mention of absolutely NO help whatsoever. Maybe you're just used to dealing with idiots, but that's still no excuse for your rudeness!

  14. That was a little out of left field. Perhaps you should step away from the internet until you're calmer.

  15. Somebody who saw this via a link I posted on Twitter suggests that maybe some soothing quotes from the Dalai Lama would help.

  16. LOL. We just all need to get along! I'm having the same problem as dkjensen, hopefully you smart people are right about your solutions, cuz I don't want to come back all pissed off like poor dkjensen. Thanks for your help though really, at least you're trying to help, right!

  17. P.S. raincoaster, you are funny!!!

  18. Thanks. it was just so weird all of a sudden I had to say something.

    Anyway, what browser and version are you using, and have you done this:

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