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How to publicize with multiple-authors?

  1. I have one blog with several users (some authors, some contributors). I have read under Publicize-Support that each author must connect to the Publicize service them self, but unfortunately they do not have access to the same Settings as I as Administrator. It is not possible for them to choose Settings->Sharing (Publicize).
    How do get ALL posts on the blog shared on ALL the users social networking sites?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Every Author of a blog can publish their own posts to an individual Facebook page, that he/she is an administrator/owner. Publicize takes you to, where you need to authorize either a page or profile, where your posts are to be published. So what is required is for authors to an Administrator of that specific Facebook page.

  3. Thank you justjennifer, exactly what I was looking for:)

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