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    I’m very new to this. I’ve created blog with a couple of posts. 1) What do I do to send notification of my new blog to family and friends? 2) What is my blog’s URL? As above?
    Sorry if this sounds dumb!!…

    The blog I need help with is



    1) Your family and friends have to sign up to receive your posts by email. If you haven’t already done so, add the widget to your blog’s sidebar.

    2) is your URL

    Welcome to! You may also be interested in reading



    Add the subscribe Widget as noted above – then send a plain email to your friends with the blog address (make sure it can be clicked on) with a note you have started a blog and they can subscribe to it if they want.

    Under Dashboard >> Settings >> Reading – I select “For each article in a feed, show Summery” so if I write a large Post with a lot of pictures in it they don’t get a big email – also when they read your Post you will see a view on your Stats Page.

    On the bottom left corner of your Stats Page you can see a list of the email addresses that have subscribed.

    Good Luck

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