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How to publish my actual location as well as my entire tourdirectly in my blog?

  1. How do I publish my actual location directly in my blog? So: can I make my location visible in my blog and secondly: can I put a map of my complete tour on/in my blog - visible to my community?
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  2. allows you to geotag your user profile and posts. That means you can assign an earthly location to your account and to each of your posts. See here >

    Re: embedding a map

  3. Hi Timethief,

    thanks for your second hint - it works :-)

    Concerning the first one: I was exactly there and did what the site told me to do.....still I don´t see the map in my blog. What could be tips ´n tricks here? Or don´t I see the link as author of the blog?

    Thanks for your support!

  4. Hi Timethief,

    yes I did....and if I understand it correctly no one will be able to see where we are - since "the stuff" is “machine readable”, not “human readable”; it’s hidden from view.

    If this is really the case, then we need to find another way to get around it, since publishing our tour and locations is one of the features we love to have!

    Thanks for your support!

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