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How to publish posts to Embed code?

  1. I wish I could post some "podcast" on my blog, it happens that I can not publish anything which is in Embed code.
    I do my podcast in "Podomatic", as I have published them on my blog?
    In addition to podcasting, I would like to publish videos that are not on youtube but the portal UOL. It turns out that the only way I have to do this is thru the embed code.
    Please help me solve this problem! It is very important for me to publish content that I generate these platforms (Podomatic / podcast / audio) and (UOL / videos).
    I count on the help and cooperation of staff
    Blog url:

  2. You are posting to the community forums.

    There have been other threads about podcasts. Have you tried searching?

    Also, give us an example of the embed code by pasting it between backticks (`) and perhaps we can suggest something.

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