how to put a link in text? make words link to site

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    Hi how can I make the words in a sentence on a blog posting link to a site?
    at the moment I write the words then paste whole link afterwards.

    For example- the words “ask Auntie” in a sentence if clicked on would take you to the BBC website

    all help much appreciated



    Simple dude. Highlight the word “ask Auntie”and click “link”(which is ava.on the post tool bar). A promt box will appear. Give your link there. You are done with it.

    Alternatively, go choose “HTML” visual and add the below html code,
    ask Auntie

    Hope this helps



    Sorry. My HTML code got converted to Visual. The code is

    <.a href=””>ask Auntie<./a>

    Take off the “.” which you find before a.



    When I try to make a text box and press edit, it just dissappears? Wtf?


    Thnaks for this, but I am sorry to say I still can’t make it work.

    If I click on link at the top of the page it brings up that page where I put links into the side bar on the blog.

    I must be doing something wrong? Do I need another widget turned on or something else?

    please can you further advise, many thanks



    Here you go if your using fire fox, this should be helpful
    firefox 2/3 html link tutorial





    Like i said in the past, you can try with the HTML format. I guess you are using the Visual right??

    If yes, then change it to HTML format and use a <.a href=”#”> code to slove this issue.

    Or, paste this “<.a href=””>ask Auntie</.a>” inside your post where ever you wish

    Note: I repeat. Take off the “.” that you find before “a”



    @arcadianadvocate: First you copy the URL of the site you want to link to from the address bar of your browser (the complete address, starting with “http”). Then you go to Manage>Posts and click the title of the post you want add the link into. If you use the visual post editor (there will be two rows of icons above it), you highlight the word or words that will act as the link, click the Link icon (row 1, icon 10), paste the URL in the box that opens, select Target “Open link in a new window”,* click Insert, click Save. If you use the HTML post editor, you use this code:
    <a href="URL" target="_blank">TEXT</a>
    (where URL is the address of the site and TEXT the word or words that will act as a link).
    * This is optional, but it’s better to use it: this way one doesn’t leave your blog when opening a link.

    @freddiemaize: The way to paste code here is enclosing it in backticks (that’s what produces the frame you see above).



    <a href="#">test</a>



    Got it. Thanks dude


    thanks very much for this everyone.

    message @ panaghiotisadam – I have a problem
    row 1 icon 10 looks like a link but doesnt work… it appears to be inactive
    any more suggestions

    also I’d like to be able to write it in the original post rather than edit them all

    and deep apologies for being such a dunce over this, when you all clearly find it so easy, I’d just like my blog to be slicker



    I tried again and it worked many thanks
    I am now tidying up my blog entries

    thanks so much

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