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    Okay, so not sure if this is possible. I am wondering I can put a post somehow under a page. Meaning, I want to have a page on the top header (mine has dropdown) with Favorite Posts…I then want to have a drop down with those favorite posts.

    The only way I can figure out how to do that now is buy going through 7 years of posts, copying them and then pasting into a new page (and putting it under a parent page). This. Would. Suck.



    The blog I need help with is


    With a custom menu, you can put just about anything into it.

    There is a little trick you can use to create a parent top level tab that is not clickable. Create a custom link. Put the “Favorite Posts” label in and for the URL, put just any old URL (you will be deleting that shortly). Add that custom link to your menu. Click on the right end of the title bar to open the favorite posts item in the custom menu and then delete the URL. Now you can go to the posts module and add the favorite posts to the custom menu and indent them so that they display on a dropdown under the favorite posts top level tab in the menu. Make sure and save the custom menu.


    Interesting! I didn’t know that was even possible.



    Wow. I am way too stupid. Please no that I am SUPER computer/blogging incompetent. I got as far as creating a new link and after that I have no idea what you are telling me to do. How do I add the link to a menu? Title bar? Custom menu? Where is it?? I should just give up :(



    To edit your blog’s menus, access the editor via the Appearance -> Menus area of your blog’s dashboard.
    This is the support documentation :)
    There is a searchbox there and “custom menu” results point here >



    Ok. I am figuring some of this out. I got to the point where I could add the post to the new “catagory”. But that menu item doesn’t show up on my header. It seems that the only thing I can get to go up there is a Page. ???



    In a custom menu we can display Pages and sub-pages, Categories and sub-categories, and custom links.


    1. Make sure that in the “theme location” module at upper left at appearance > menu that you have chosen your custom menu in the primary location pulldown.

    2. In the “posts” module, select the posts you want to add to your menu and then click the “add” button. Drag and drop arrange them under your favorite posts menu item, and then drag them slightly to the right so that they are indented under the parent “favorite posts” menu item. When done, click the save menu button and then take a look at your blog. You might have to force refresh the blog page to see the changes since some browsers hang on to cached pages way too tenaciously.



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    Ok…gettin’ it slowly here…

    First — thank you SO much. My brain just doesn’t work this way lol.

    I have it on the header now. But it took all my other ones away!! Now what?? (sigh)



    It seems that when I leave the menu primary navigation blank, it will autofill the header with my pages…which is how I set it up originally – not sure how i figured that one out. If I make a custom menu it will ONLY show that one. My theme only supports one menu.


    All themes here with top navigation menus support custom menus. You can add pages, posts, custom links, tags and categories to the custom menus and mix and match them as you see fit.

    Add your pages to the custom menu and then create the item to be the parent top level tab for your posts and then add the favorite posts below that and indent them. Read the menus support page that has been referenced by me and by Timethief above.



    Thank YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!! I could have never ever figured this out without you!!! You rock!!!


    You are welcome.

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