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How to put a questionnaire in my blog?

  1. I want to put a questionnaire for my readers ?

  2. any body can help me please.

  3. you could go to polldaddy ( and then copy and paste the url where the poll is into your blog on a post. you don't have to use polldaddy, you can use anything else too. or, you could put the url of the poll in your sidebar so everybody can see it.

  4. We can't post an interactive poll or questionnaire on our blogs; they use scripts which are stripped out by WordPress for security reasons. What you can do is to set up a poll off the blog and then link to it; if you use a static image (like a screenshot) then it looks just like a normal poll. This link lists some of polls you can use. Hope that helps.

  5. thank u gentlemen for helping me.

  6. Use!

    I love this free service and it is so easy to use! I have not figured out how to drop the HTML language into WordPress so the form is actually on my page, but it is simple to create a web link to your custom Jotform poll/form. Upon guests submitting answers, simply have Jotform redirect the flow back to your WordPress blog or a specific page in your blog.

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