How to put a video or image on my home page in the widget area

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    Sorry to be really think, on my home page, there is a huge blank space, with text next to it saying “this is the home page widget area”, I would like to put a image there or video, but can not work out how to do it…Can you please advise me how to do it, in laminas terms please,

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    The Structure theme front page is supposed to look like this:

    The photo in the big box at the top is the Featured Image from the latest post in the category you specify under “Appearance > Theme Options” panel.

    To set this up, first choose a category you want to use with this, under “Appearance > Theme Options”. You can call this category “Featured” or “Front Page” – a link to the latest post from this category will always be prominently displayed in the front page.

    Once you have a category selected, choose a featured image for the latest post in that category. This image will be displayed in your front page. To set a featured image, see here:

    Remember that you have to choose a featured image for every post you put in this category.

    For more information about Structure, see this post:

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