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How to put code at end of each post automatically? i.e. a post footer?

  1. Hello, Im using Freshy template for my site, and Im really wanting to have some code at the end of each article. I want to type it once and have it generate each time on its own.

    What is the easiest way to do this. Say... adding Google Adsense to automatically appear at end of article post?

  2. someone didn't read the sticky at the top of the forum... =) wrong forum buddy.

    [Link added - drmike]

  3. @teedubayw you should be over here

  4. The sticky actually needs a better name to it. I'm sure a lot of folks who come here mistakenly don't know that there's even a That title doesn't help the situation.

    Maybe "Am I in the right forum?"

  5. I think there should be some boilerplate over the "Post" box to explain the difference between the forums.

  6. Agreed but it seems like folks don't even see the search link on the same form. You have no idea how many posts I delete here every day with search terms as subjects and empty bodies.

    No offense, teedubyaw. You're just a handy target and this comes up a lot everyday around here. Best bet would be to add in the Adsense code after the the_content line and before the closing div of the post_text (may be called somethign else in your theme) area.

  7. The two domains, and in particular the forums, look far too similar -- it's no wonder people get confused. I know they want to keep the same brand identity across both sites, but it would make things a lot easier if, say, .com used light blue instead of grey, or a different font.

    Bear in mind that not all self-hosting users will have been to to download the software; many will have used their host's autoinstall feature and assume that is the main site. There should, therefore, be a link to .org from the .com index page and a prominent tagline explaining that these forums are for FREE blogs HOSTED on WORDPRESS.COM only (caps optional ;) )

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