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how to put google ads ?

  1. This is bad ;/

    How can ppl get money doing what they like? and how can ppl put other codes to their main page... I wanted to put code from performancing metrics to get statistics from them and I couldnt ;/

  2. If you want to make money from ads on your blog, you need to host your own domain off You can still download the software for free and then you can put all the ads and all the javascript and flash you want on it.

    Again, a simple straightforward notice right on the form would prevent this.

  3. It wouldn't though.
    It might even generate more "Why can't I???" posts.

    People should read the ToS.
    The FAQ is well indicated
    The pink stickies here
    "Oh dear I've deleted my blog accidentally despite it taking several clicks and an email and big bold letters saying it's permanent"
    People say they have searched for answers about Ads but still think their campaign will succeed so they start new threads

    If it were worth it, I'd agree.

    I get more "Why can't I edit my theme", "Why can't I have javscript I'll use it nicely" and suchlike.

    What do I write before they sign up? And would they even read that?.......

  4. Podz, why not TRY IT for a month and see? I put the text in the first page (although I wouldn't use all caps).

    I see alot of "Why can't I use Javascript" too, but it doesn't seem to burn people the way this does. Don't think javascript is worth a big notice during the sign-in process (maybe WordPress should use a popup?) but worth featuring more prominently.

    You're right there will be those who disagree, who disregard, or who aren't bright enough to read a big whacking notice, but they're fewer than what you're dealing with right now, people who just jump to conclusions.

  5. Last time I looked at the ToS (approximately five minutes ago) it didn't actually state what the policy on ads is. It just said that Automattic could change the policy on ads whenever they felt like it and it was up to us to keep checking the news blog for announcements they might or might not make about it.

    (This saves them having to rewrite the ToS when the ad policy changes. Rewriting the ToS in order to allow them or you to slap ads all over their blogs is really bad for public relations, as anyone involved with Livejournal could probably tell you.)

    That means there's probably no point clarifying the ad policy at signup, since nobody knows how long it will remain the same, and they'll only end up having to do the redrafting they successfully avoided with the ToS ;)

    It also means I retract my statement about friends of Matt dodging the ToS and would like to rephrase it as 'dodging the current regulations'. Because I'm persnickety like that.

  6. I didn't read the ToS because I already knew how to blog after being at Blogger. I logged in and went to my dashboard and everything seemed okay to me and it made sense. Then I started posting. The first time I heard about ads was on this forum and from the beginning when I came here it was said html ads are accepted but not javascript ads due to security.

  7. I have a hard time imagining why anyone wants ads. even on web pages they destroy all the design effort, and this blog is very pleasent , to read and use. So why the desire for ads?

  8. You could go insane asking why people want money...the best minds in history have been after that answer for years. I think the most productive thing WordPress can do is put up some kind of more-prominent notice in advance so that all the normally-intelligent, capitalistic people will know before registering a blog that they'd need to go to instead. It's all WordPress: I don't really understand the resistance.

  9. Nosy, as I understand it HTML ads are also banned by the I wrong?

  10. I didn't read the ToS because I already knew how to blog after being at Blogger.


  11. (Sorry, I posted this in a new thread by mistake)

    Hi, A few days back, after discovering through this forum that I couldn't put Google ads on my blog, I set out to find a replacement platform. I decided to stick with WP, afterall, and I just posted on my experience. Thought some of you might find it of interest:


  12. VC: Somone more knowlegdable about the WYSIWYG getting will have to verify this for me but I could have sworn that you can change fonts and underlines in the editor. You just have to do it manually on the HTML page. It will still take though. You can also do it with the paid CSS upgrade for $15 a year per blog if you want.

    The editor is troublesome because TinyMCE is designed to be downloaded quickly over a dial up line and has to be small and feature limited. (And a pain if you ask me) Frontpage is on your computer at home and can be as big as MS wants to be.

    Forms are not allowed as they are a security risk.

    You can add in adverts to the wordpress software that you can download and install yourself. It's just a matter of copying the javascript code from Adsense into a theme. A lot of themes have small bits that say 'Put Adsense code here' in them.

    Hope this helps,

  13. Thanks to Saytha (, drmike ( and the EclecticGeek ( for stopping by to offer encouragement and suggestions! I've updated the post to reflect your contributions.

    FYI: The EclecticGeek told me how to expose the 'missing' toolbar for the WYSIWYG editor: Alt + v. It works! I worship the ground you walk on, oh Great One!

    Thanks again, I know I made the right choice in sticking around. The 'other guys' just didn't feel right.


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