How to put images in sidebar?

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    I’m using the WordPress Default 1.5 template (kubrick i think) and I cant seem to work out how to get an image to go into the sidebar…i’ve tried uploading the image into a new post and then copying everything in the window to go into the text widget but thta didn’t work…

    can anyone help?





    Upload the picture like you would as if you were adding it to a post and just use the image link in the sidebar. Here’s the FAQ on uploading a picture if you haven’t seen it yet. When you “send it to the editor”, just copy the code for the picture to the sidebar.

    Hope this helps,



    got it – found the html editor fine and the picture looks great…well, for what it is. Nothing they could do with the source material…





    Unfortunally weather im being stupid here or what I don’t know but I can’t for the life of me work out how to get the images to display in the sidebar.

    I am hosting the wordpress on my site if that makes any difference?

    Hope someone can help me.



    The blog linked to your name is not a blog. I determined this because it lacks the blue navigation bar at the top which is common to all blogs hosted by and run on different software. I believe you may be in the wrong forum. If so then the place to post is here
    If not and you do have a blog that is not linked to your username then the instructions you need to upload an image and insert it into a text widget are here
    Beyond that I cannot help you.


    I can’t get this to work for the life of me either!

    I have the image in my post fine. But I don’t want it in my post, I want it in my sidebar. And when I use the directions to do that, all I get is a URL written out in my sidebar. Why is it doing that? Obviously I have the photos uploaded correctly…please help.



    How large is this image? Is it small enough to fit inside a text widget and be placed in your sidebar without “breaking” the layout? Could you please post the code for the image? We cannot see your blog and it would be helpful if you could point us at the image you are talking about.



    Life, a link would be helpful so we can see what you’ve done. We suggested that in the other thread you posted in.

    Please note that you only have to post once asking for help. otherwise it’s known as spam and that’s not a good thing.


    Hi ya’ll. Sorry to almost “spam”.

    I have had it pointed out where I (and probably others) are going wrong with the FAQ instructions: it needs to point out the html formula that we much put the photo address into. Maybe seems obvious, but apparently not to us newbies!

    The image it too big, but I assume you have addressed that elsewhere.


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