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    I would like to put a retargeting code onto my blog, how can ı do that?

    it was easy before as I could access a section named “Tracking Code” under “General Settings”, however I cant find that section since you ve changed your template.

    I need help on finding the right place to put my retargeting code.

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    The blog I need help with is



    Be aware that there is no blogger initiated advertising allowed and that includes paid or sponsored content and ad banners. There is a single advertising program called WordAds, which you can read more about here: But as I said above advertising outside of WordAds at is not allowed. For full details, please see:

    If you require other advertising, you might be interested in a self-hosted ( installation. There are no restrictions on advertising if you hire a web host and setup a self-hosted blog instead of a blog, but there are some added responsibilities. Please see this link to learn about the differences:

    NOTE: Retargeting is a “creepy and privacy invasive” cookie-based technology that uses Javascript code to “anonymously and sneakily” follow your visitors all over the Web. Well, here at all blogger posted JavaScript will stripped out by the software.



    You will definitely want to review the terms of service here. There’s a reason that retargeting software doesn’t work here.

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