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How to put the blog inside my webpage

  1. Hey, how can i put my blog inside my webpage. i want that anyone that comes to "" sees my blog that is running on (or can i do this also with my blog?)...

    i want the blog on my page and not the other way around... something like this

    Thanks for your help!

  2. You can't do it with your blog unless you do it as a subdomain, like your website is and then the blog could be For that, you'd have to get the domain name upgrade.

    Easy to do with your blog, though. But you have to ask in their forums for instructions, because we don't do that around here.

  3. That is only possible if you buy the domain upgrade from the "upgrades" menu in your admin window.

    I don't know about - it should be quite possible since that's what the wordpress software is for - but I have never used it so can't give you any advice. Try go to the forums - these forums are only for hosted blogs.

    - Biyang Hansen

  4. Hehe, same thoughts at the same time, raincoaster :-)

    - Biyang

  5. Ah well, it's good advice. No harm saying it twice, eh?

  6. Ok, thanks... i'll try forums

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