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How to put video link into special format to post video in my blog?

    "found the video above on this page. To embed it in the post all I had to do was copy and paste the URL this:"
    The original url was:

    "I just linked and then paste it into the post with special formatting, like this":


    HOW WAS THAT DONE? How do you change the normal url to that? Please help


  2. Its very, very easy. Type the following into the HTMl text editor:


    After the = sign, type in the rest of the url from YouTube, then type the ] bracket.

    I have a video embedded at:

    This is my HTML to embed the video:


    This was the original YouTube url before I embedded it using the [ ] tags:

    I really hope that helps. If it doesn't be sure to post here again so somebody "expert" will try to--I've been using WP for less than 2 weeks.

  3. Not sure why you felt the need to ask this very same question three times in three different threads within 6 hours. :(

    That's probably not something you need to be doing, OK? :)

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