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How to Quit a Comment Thread?

  1. More than a month ago I used the comment feature to test that coComment plugin. My comment showed up in the My Comments page, as it was supposed to, demonstrating that I had made the connection to coComment. That should have been the end of it, I think. But every day somebody new does the same thing, and every day those new comments force the same coComment thread into my My Comments page.

    So, my GENERAL QUESTION: Is there any way to quit a comment thread you're not interested in following any longer?

  2. I hope someone else has an answer because I don't and like you I'd also like to find a way out of some threads.

  3. Are we talking about the My Comments page when you log into your blog here at or the My Comments page over at CoComment? I'm wondering because I haven't seen this issue over here at on the Dashboard. I see the links dropping off.

  4. I thought david was talking about the "My Comments" on our dashboard.

  5. Might be but those are dropping off for me and considering that some of those are on the main blog, I'm not seeing the issue. That's why i was asking for a specific. :)

  6. I am talking about the "My Comments" page at The best I can tell, those threads drop out only on the basis of comment inactivity. The trouble with the coComment thread, and the reason I used it as an example, is that people leave comments there every day, so it never dies.

    I've seen threads resurrect themselves months after my initial comment, then drop down through the "My Comments" page as fresher comments force them down and off the page. But a new comment on that post will bring them right back to the top of my "My Comments" page. I'd love to bail on several of them.

  7. I'm looking at the wrong page actually. I'm thinking the dashboard list of comments.

    Best bet would be to send in a feedback with this suggestion. To my knowledge, there's no method of removing a thread from within that page.

    Sorry about the confusion,

  8. Not sure I know how to send in a feedback. Same thing as "Contact Support"?

  9. @davidbdale
    There's a "feedback" button on the top right hand corner of any blog page when viewed from your admin panel. Click it and a panel will open where you can type a message to staff and send it.

    You are not alone sulz has also asked for this "let me go" feature and I'm throwing my support in too. It drives me crazy when a single comment on someone's ancient blog post causes it to appear there under "My Comments" again. I want to get out of the never ending comment revival loop too so best of luck. :)

  10. Good idea.

    I have come to realise it is not wise to engage in comment threats discussing new WordPress features (like "Snap", or "ad sense"). Any time just another WordPress blogger feels inspired to throw a new word into the discussion, the thread appears on top of the "My Comments" page again and takes a long time to sink down and out again.

  11. The Contact support bit will work as well.

  12. Yes, but Timethief and sulz already did that, so that should be okay

  13. I have left Feedback on this topic also. I'm glad there's support for the idea. Thanks for chiming in.

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