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How to re-direct viewers from my first WP blog to my second WP blog


    I have a lot of viewers who regularly visit the first blog and I don't want to lose them. Other than writing a note in a post and having viewers read it and then redirecting themselves, how can I have them automatically re-directed to my second WP blog?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Delete all other posts on the old blog and then make one final post explaining you've moved and include a link to the new blog.

    You do realize though that by moving to a new URL/blog, any and all search engine juice you had built up with the old blog is now gone and you are starting again at zero with the search engines. That means you will not be seeing much in the way of search engine hits on your new blog for probably 6 to 9 months.

  3. @YSP
    That's true but in this case the blog has not been indexed by Google and Bing has only Bing (2 results) and the traffic is so low it probably won't make much difference.

  4. Whoops! looking at the wrong blog --- lol sorry :D

  5. how can I have them automatically re-directed to my second WP blog

    Just to be clear on this there is no such thing as an automatic redirect from one blog to another blog.

    What TSP describes is all you can do after you have exported the contents and links out of the old blog and into the new one.

  6. No, she is going from .COM to .COM.

  7. Yes ... understood, TSP ... with a tweak ... (??) ...

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