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How to re-post a previous blog item again?

  1. I have a blog, I'd like to re-post some of the items so they show up in subscribers RSS / email / Twitter feeds - so that new readers get to see old content. Any idea how?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. The first time we publish a post it goes out in our RSS Feed. Editing will not result in it being in the RSS Feed. Have you considered creating a static page and using the Archives code on it?

  3. Sorry I just thought about what I posted above and it won't address your issue. The problem is that if you care about page rank and SEO then you will not create duplicate content. You can create and publish a single post and include the links in it to some of the posts you want readers to be aware of in ti.

  4. Can I cause RSS to re-issue an item? I'm not looking to duplicate the page - but just send out an alert to remind new readers of the item - lets say from 3 months ago.

    If not I'll do a new post on "items you may have missed" and link to them there.

    Thanks, Ms Thief.

  5. No, you can't. You may want to put a footer in say, one post a week, that says "Check out our awesome archives" and a link to older posts, or the random link, or something like that. This way it goes out in the email.

  6. OK thanks all - I will use the fresh post method and point to old items. Grateful for the help. Bill.

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