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How to read blogs?

  1. WordPress has started to change things. One of the changes will be that the stats will not be found at the dashboard any more, it is found on another page. During the "old days" the stats and the "Read Blogs" were found at the Dashboard. Where do I find "Read Blogs" now? Do I really have to go to the new place to where I find stats and from there go further to read blogs? Seems complicated.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Try:!/read/ while logged in

  3. Messed up the link - the home page while logged in will give you your "Read Blogs"

    While logged in try:!/read/

  4. Yes, that works and that is what I am saying. It is complicated to get there, starting from my blog. No easy links to press, I have to go through some pages before I can read blogs..


  5. Maggie - when you're logged in, look at the grey admin strip at the top of your window. You'll see in the far left corner there is a little 'W' - click that. It'll take you to the home page. There you'll be able to click the 'My Stats' tab, or any of the other tabs there (currently there is 'New Post', 'Reader', 'Freshly Pressed', 'Topics', 'My Blogs', 'My Stats'.)

  6. To get back to your blog from the home page, you can do it from the link on the right of the admin strip - where you'll see your screen name.

  7. absurdoldbird,
    Yes that works great. thanks a lot for the help.

  8. You're welcome.

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