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how to read blogs without knowing their address?

  1. hi sir.i need to know how to read blogs without knowing their address?there are some wonderful blogs and posts here.but i need to read them in random without having to know their blog address and it possible?i didnt find a way to read.if there is,plz let me know the steps.thanks.

  2. No, it is not possible.

  3. You could use the "Tag Surfer" in your Dashboard. Enter words for topics you're interested and if anyone on WordPress posts something on that topic you can see it here.

    It's a great way to find new blogs you didn't know existed before (without knowing their address)

  4. That's true. I had forgotten about that.

  5. You can also go to (replacing __ with whatever blog you want) and it will take you to a random blog. Only problem is that last time I tried it, it did not seem to make a difference between existing blogs and deleted blogs...

  6. Just to clarify, here's an example:

  7. And here I was thinking the OP wanted not to know the address even during and after reading the blogs. I should have my coffee before hitting the internet.

  8. @raincoaster: Don't worry, that's how I interpreted the question at first, until stephaniepost suggested that first solution ;-)

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