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    This is a query regarding the site stats information on wordpress.

    1. What does the no. of views on my site indicate – is it the total no. of pages viewed or is it the total no. of people who have visited my site?

    2.There is always a difference in the number of total views on my site and the number of referrers. Even after adding the no. of views under search engine terms with the referrers, it falls short of the total no. of views on the site. My question is, where do the remaining viewers come from? What is their source of coming to my site?


    The blog I need help with is



    1) Page Views not visitors

    2) Magic – not all referrers are captured – my desktop email program will not show, some web based systems seem to show, nor will a source be shown for someone that pastes in the URL into a browser.

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