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How to redirect a url i own

  1. I bought i website with another company by mistake and i want it to redirect visitors to my my domain name point to my wordpress blog?

  2. Depends. Some details like domain names and locatiopns as to where these sites are would be helpful. Without them all we can do it make guesses.


    and the dns is with

  4. offers domain mapping as a paid upgrade

  5. Well, I'm currently showing that is using wordpress's nameservers but it's not attached with a domain yet here. What has happened so far? Have you picked up the domain upgrade here at What's the blog you want to have it associated with? Please keep going with the details.

  6. sry i want to connect it to

    I would like to do this for *free* so i'm thinking i can have it point to some old servers i have runnings that will host a pge that auto redirects it to

  7. If you don't buy the domain upgrade, I don't believe it will work.

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