How to redirect blog content to new domain but keep existing domain operational

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    I have a blog with a custom domain name: I want to keep the pages I have on this domain name and make it the first point of call for potential clients.

    I want to take the posts, and images, from this blog and create a separate blog with a new name. I have already purchased a new domain: but I have done nothing with it yet. I will eventually be transferring this to in order to be able to monetize it. All my content is currently on

    I don’t know what to do next as I don’t want to lose the links or google cred that I’ve already built up, or my followers.

    I read that Site Redirect is the simplest way of changing a blog address but I still want to use the pages I have at so I don’t know if this is still an option.

    I was originally thinking that it would be best to use Site Redirect to change the name and THEN transfer to self-hosting via but I don’t know if that would work, especially if I want to lose my current blog pages on the existing domain name.

    If you can understand what I’m trying to ask, can you help me?

    The blog I need help with is



    Sorry, that last paragraph should read “especially if I don’t want to lose my current blog pages on the existing domain name.”



    Have you tried the “Export” option in the “Tools” menu?

    “Export” option lets you export all the pages, posts, comments etc from a blog hosted on to

    That way you can still have your old blog running at and use the old posts on your new website at

    The followers part is a bit tricky. There is no simple way to export your followers, that I know off. You could publish a post announcing your new website and ask them to follow your new site as well.

    Hope it is helpful. :)


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    That is a good idea to Export subscribers.

    Does this mean that the subscribers will be subscribed to both the blogs?



    Thanks, @ thebluegger. I’ve exported the content (but done nothing with it yet) but I’m worried about losing all of the links once I import to a new site with a different URL.

    I don’t really understand 301 redirects but from what I’ve been reading, I fear I might have to do individual redirects for every page, post and image on my current site. Is this right? If so, would a guided transfer be able to do what I want?

    @1tess thanks for the info about transferring followers. When the time comes, I’ll be in touch to ask someone to do that for me.

    Can you explain why jet pack might be relevant to my case?



    Another option I’m considering is creating a subdomain for the content that I want to keep on, e.g. and then using Site Redirect to point all other content on to my new domain:

    If I do this, I’d still lose the ability to use in the way I want but it looks like a potentially easier option.

    Any thoughts?



    I kinda like subdomains. They let you basically make a whole new look for the site, if you want…so it does kinda act like a different site, but without owning a whole new domain.

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