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    Hi There, i have a new self hosted website: – i would like to redirect my followers from to my new URL so that when i post, they receive email updates as normal without having to sign up again on the new site. I have jetpack installed. How do i go about doing this? Thanks SO much :)
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    I have transferred your subscribers for you.

    Please let us know if you need any further assistance!


    Thank you so much :) I am NOT good at this haha – does that mean that all existing followers will continue to get emails if i post from Really appreciate it! Are you able to help with analytics or not really?



    Yes, that is entirely correct.

    Stats data cannot be transferred. Did you have a different question regarding stats?


    Thanks so much :) I was just wondering how (for dummies) to set up google analytics on my blog/site. I registerednand I pasted the code into the header (suggested option) but it hasn’t recorded anything for today. Maybe it’s just delayed, but it’s very possible that I’ve done something wrong :/



    Ok, for that I recommend getting in touch with the folks at

    We can only support blogs here.


    OK, thanks for that :)

    The emails don’t seem to be working :( I posted about 10 minutes ago, and usually the emails that are sent are instant, but no-one has received anything notifying them of the new post.

    I also signed up since getting having the new URL self hosted site, and I didn’t get an email there either?

    Thanks so much in advance, Nikki



    Would you please check your email’s spam folder?


    Nothing there unfortunately :(


    I’m sorry for the hassle. Can you let me know the email address that you’ve checked, and the URL of the post you just published?

    (The email address can only be seen by staff.)



    No worries :) subscribed with my husbands email address today which is: (email redacted) and I was subscribed with my own email address (email redacted) before everything was migrated. The URL for the post I did today is: Thanks so much for the help :)


    Okay, thanks for the additional confirmation — I just wanted to be sure before reporting your notes to our developers. I’ll reply back when I have an update. Thanks for your patience!


    Thank you so much, any news on this?


    Because even the new subscribers aren’t getting mails :(


    Yep! This will be fixed in the next Jetpack release. :-)


    Ok great, and do you know when that is?

    So basically no one can get email updates at the moment? And will the old subscribers (previous to me having a self hosted site) have to resubscribe after the jetpack update?

    Will it automatically update or must I keep checking for an update? So sorry about all the questions, im SO new at this :)


    do you know when that is?

    I don’t have a time frame as to when it’ll be released, but it should be really soon.

    So basically no one can get email updates at the moment?

    You can use Jetpack 1.7 in the meantime. You can follow these steps:

    1. (Important) Deactivate Jetpack by going to Plugins -> Installed Plugins, then click Deactivate.

    2. With Jetpack deactivated, you can click Delete to delete the Jetpack plugin.

    3. Download Jetpack 1.7 to your desktop:

    4. Go to Plugins -> Add New, click Upload, then “Choose File” to select the Jetpack ZIP file you’ve just downloaded to your desktop, then click Install Now.

    5. Activate Jetpack, then connect Jetpack to

    Will it automatically update or must I keep checking for an update?

    If you decide to use Jetpack 1.7, your dashboard will prompt you to install the newest version of Jetpack (currently 1.8.2, where email notifications aren’t working for you).

    It won’t update automatically, but once the next version after 1.8.2 is available, you can update to it from your dashboard.

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