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How-to redirect page to external site?

  1. Okey, so I would want to know what I need to do, if I want to redirect some of my pages to external sites. Is it possible to do so without the custom design upgrade? If I purchased a premium design site, would I be able to redirect the pages then, or must I also purchase the custom design in addition to the premium design? Thank you.

  2. What do you mean that you want to create a tab menu contains links to other websites?
    You can create a custom menu that contains links to other websites.

  3. You know in the panel under 'pages', I want to redirect some pages to other external sites. So when you press one of the page tabs on my front page, you will right away be redirected to another site, not another page but for instance redirected to

  4. But I am under the impression to do this; I would need some plugins, and I was wondering if these plugins are coming with the premium design features, or if I need the additional custom design upgrade anyways?

  5. i think your question is wrong from the base.
    redirection is different from link to a external site. if you want to just make a link somewhere (in the menu or anywhere else) its not redirection.
    redirection means you have a page already and people have its link or its submited in search engines but now you deside to redirect everyone who visit that page to somewhere else.

    please be more clear about what you want

  6. It might be, I am sorry. English is not my first language!! :) Yes, I want to redirect everyone to someplace else, when they press one of the pages 'tap' on blog!! Not just a link. So I was wondering is this something I could do with a free wordpress, or do I need to upgrade?

  7. I think I have a similar problem...

    I want to create a page on my wordpress blog where its makes a new window to another link to my portfolio page,

    How would I be able to do this under dashboard in the page tab? I hope this sounds a little bit more clearly.

  8. Me too! ;) Anyone knows how?

  9. Create a custom menu.
    Add custom links as custom menu items.

  10. Thank you. I have now done that, but it still dosent work. Do I need to upgrade to custom design? Or is it possible to have a custom menu with out an upgrade? Thank you!

    With the Custom Design upgrade you can make your blog look and feel exactly the way you want.
    Customize the fonts in your theme with ease, apply a custom color palette and background pattern, or dive into CSS to make all the presentational changes you desire.

  11. The custom menu will have a tabbed menu with links to anywhere you put. What, exactly, is the difficulty you're encountering? What link are you trying to put in?

  12. No worries, I did it!! Finally!! Thank you timethief and everyone else helping!! Much appreciated:)

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