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    Hi, I had a blog which I have redirected (using the offsite redirect upgrade) to

    The site redirect works very well and when you type it goes to – no problems there.

    But when I did a google search for one of the title keywords of my blog, it should actually go to . But because of the offsite redirect, it goes to – Even this redirection is fine but the new post ID for the above post after I have exported my posts to the new domain is actually :

    So, the search results are landing on the homepage, instead of going to the particular page! Should I change the URL of each of my 117 posts manually or is there an easier workaround (like re-exporting the wordpress xml file or importing it with options). Kindly help.

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    The blog I need help with is



    You need to get the plugin that renders your permalinks “pretty”. I can’t recall the name, but it is very easy to find if you search the Plugin page for “Permalinks”.


    In your dashboard on the new self-hosted blog, go to settings > permalinks and click the button to the left of “Day and name” and then save. Your URLs on your new blog should now look like and match the URL structure here at wordpress.COM (as long as modrewrite is supported and enabled on your new host.


    Hi Raincoaster and thesacredpath, thanks for your replies… I have made the changes in the permalink structure in the new site, and the individual post redirects are now working like a charm… Probably this point could be included in the support section article on ‘Offsite redirects’.

    But even if there was no shortcut method, I would have changed all the 117 URL’s by myself – I like WordPress that much! Thanks for the timely Offsite redirect, it helped me take a decision faster and I am happy with it. Thanks guys and keep up your great job! We love WordPress…

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    Hi, I have a similar problem. I have changed my links on my new blog to not include the date directory (and that’s how I want it). This means that my Offsite redirect does not work – is there anyway of manually mapping via 301? Or can I change my blog to be the same as my new hosted wordpress blog?



    Hi there, just wondering…if we make use of this offsite re-direct will Google penalize our page ranking if there is not at least a 5 second delay before redirecting? (If it is indeed true in the first place that Google has any penalties for redirects that don’t have a delay or notification to the user that they are being redirected)



    <quote>.if we make use of this offsite re-direct will Google penalize our page ranking if there is not at least a 5 second delay before redirecting?</quote>
    My understanding is that if you have page A that redirects to page B without delay then page A is not indexed, but page B is indexed without penalty. This is usually what you want.

    If there is a delay (meta refresh header) then page A is indexed (possibly with a penalty) and page B is indexed as normal. I have heard that google treats very short redirect times as instant – not indexing page A. Maybe this is the 5 seconds you are talking about.

    In other words redirects won’t affect the ranking of the destination page, but may affect the rank of the sending page, or prevent it from being indexed. This is what you want with a redirect, the search engine should show the new page.

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