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How to redirect visitors from to my domain (also on wordpress)?

  1. I have a blog on my own domain and hosting. I used to have blog on wordpress but decided to have my own domain (they look totally different, and I am not using anymore). I was wondering is it possible to redirect visitors from to my own domain on wordpress? (I know it is possible, but how do I do it, and what does it cost?)
    My old blog is and my new blog on my domain is

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You need the Site redirect upgrade. Also your self hosted site should use the same permalink URL scheme as (day and name) so that any post URLs will map to posts on your new blog.

  3. I don't know why my response has a "The blog I need help with" line on it, that's your blog!

  4. Buy the Redirect Upgrade. It's on the dashboard Store page of your blog and I think it costs $30 a year. Not much point continuing it more than one year though.


    Even better at $13/year, but as rain said, no need for more than one year because the redirect is a 301/permanent redirect.

  6. logicaecologica

    Hi all, I have today done the same but it will not work right and its more or less impossible to enter in my admin to be able to wark with the settings, the blog goes so slow, is this normal after doing the redirect?

  7. @logicaecologica You have posted a number of other threads. Please return to those for more assistance.

  8. Thx everyone!

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