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How to reduce bulleting points in widgets

  1. justynasniezek


    I'd like to get rid of bulleting points in my widgets ASAP (only in one of them) but have no idea how to do this. Can you please help me? I'd like to remove the one which is on the right side, above "etraveler" logo. It looks aweful... Here's the URL:

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi,

    I don't see the offending bullet by the etraveler logo. Have you removed it?

    If you could replace it and let me know, I can give you my ideas on how to resolve your issue.


  3. justynasniezek

    Hi, yes, I removed it. Now it's back, so please take a look if you can.


  4. This is the code you have currently:

    <div id="linkcat-162707945">
    	<li><a href="" target="_blank" rel="co-worker"><img alt="eTraveler" src="" /></a></li>

    Note that you created the bullet point and can remove it from the code.

    <a href="" target="_blank" rel="co-worker"><img alt="eTraveler" src="" /></a>

  5. Actually, it looks like you're using a Links Widget to display that image, which displays links in a bulleted list.

    I would suggest using a Text Widget with the code provided by timetheif, namely:
    <a href="" target="_blank" rel="co-worker"><img alt="eTraveler" src="" /></a>

    Hope that helps!

  6. @kraftbj
    Good catch and I agree. If justynasniezek uses a text widget and enters the code I provided above then she will have what she wants.

  7. @timethief A little tag-teaming isn't a bad thing. :-)

    @justynasniezek - Please do let us know if you need further help!

  8. lol :D tag teaming

  9. justynasniezek

    Thanks a lot! It works :)

  10. kraftbj and I knew it would and you're welcome from me.

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